Company Profile

ACEJAPAN Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2014 as a Japanese subsidiary company of the ACEDatasystems Ltd.

The purpose of establishment is as follows.

(1) Offshore system development & Testing
(2) Package system sales (for domestic market)
(3) System development support (customer-resident type)
(4) Outsourcing services
(5) Corporate support for companies entering to Myanmar

ACE Data Systems Ltd, the core of the ACE Group, is an IT top company in Myanmar, with a high reputation from financial institutions in Myanmar to general corporations, and has delivered many achievements such as Southeast Asia and Europe as well as in Myanmar.Through these experiences and collaboration with customers (Japanese companies), we will certainly reduce customer development costs and support the improvement of market competitiveness.

We would like to support our customers planning to expand abroad (Southeast Asia) seeking to reduce system development costs, cultivate production bases and new business opportunities.
The Myanmar people are said to be “mild in character” , “self-assertiveness is discreet and diligent” , “it closely resembles Japanese people and emphasizes teamwork” , “has cooperation”.It is very suitable as a business partner of a Japanese company.

Although Myanmar has received attention as a part of post China, Myanmar has been inferior to India, China, Vietnam etc. at the technology level (response to the latest technology, quality, productivity), and it is a less expensive labor cost is an appeal point.Furthermore, it is the last frontier in Asia and it is a treasure trove of many business opportunities.

Since 1998, we have served as a system development base for major think tanks, and since then we have many achievements such as major SI companies. Recently, we have supported the customers who expanded and deployed to Myanmar market (communication, infrastructure, educational business etc.), and we are celebrating achievements.
We would appreciate it if you would like us to consider and offer opportunities for suggestions.

JANUARY 2014 (Heisei 26)

¥ 15 million yen

>250 people

ACE Group
>600 people


Thein Oo

Hisayuki Kidoh
(Director and President)

Zaw Moe Thant

Myat Thuzar Win

Htun Tauk Zaw
(Executive Vice President)

Phyo Min Htet