Offshore system development (Myanmar)

System development cost is one keyword.
China, which has been the leading role in offshore system development, is changing its attractiveness due to high labor cost wins and political risks. China-Plus-One and even Post China we will provide offshore system development using Myanmar as China.

The ACE group has been experiencing offshore system development for Japan since 1998 and is familiar with the development method and the development by Japanese language. Currently, this customer is a system with a laboratory development (Virtual Subsidiary Company) scale of 150 people carrying out development.


Package system sales (for domestic market)

ACE Data Systems Ltd, provides many package systems including accounting management system. These package systems are offered not only to Myanmar domestic (more than 1000 companies) but also to overseas customers such as Southeast Asia and Europe. Based on these experiences, we can customize customer’s needs in basic packaging system and offer inexpensive package system. In addition, we will cooperate in selling the system in Japan.


System development support (customer resident type)

The ACE Group has experience in developing securities systems, banking systems, life insurance systems and corporate systems for Japan, and we will provide these system development support for Japan.
In addition, we will develop the offshore system provide inexpensive seamless development support.


Outsourcing services

The globalization of business is no longer a development period, but it can be said that it is in the middle of a development period. (Japanese + English) talent is essential in such business global. Myanmar has abundant talent that meets this need. We will provide these personnel to our customers and will support your customers’ global business.

Supporting companies entering Myanmar

Myanmar is attracting attention as “the last frontier” in Asia.
We are offering the following services to customers who are considering advancing into Myanmar from now.

  • Advance data survey
  • Preliminary site survey (invitation letter, local guidance, introduction of affiliated companies etc)
  • Preparation for establishment
  • Establishment (contract, office, local staff, network infrastructure construction, system development support
  • Maintenance support for selling and selling of customer’s system and package system to Myanmar market